How could Pride Parade stabbing happen? - Your Voice

How could Pride Parade stabbing happen?

HANNAH MILLER | Posted: Wednesday, August 19, 2015 10:00 am

On my last night in Jerusalem, my mom and I had plans to meet my aunt and uncle at the old train station for dinner and an outdoor concert. On the way there we walked to the Pride Parade and decided we’d rather attend the parade instead of our original plans. During my L’Taken trip to D.C. with my confirmation class, we spoke to our congressmen to express our support of gay marriage. Knowing that homosexuals are murdered in other countries in the Middle East, I was excited to watch the parade in Jerusalem. The feeling was overwhelming to be in Jerusalem to watch people have the right to openly show who they are. I felt so fortunate that my timing was such that my last night in Jerusalem I could be at this important event supporting people’s freedom.

We noticed a large number of police at the event, on foot, motorcycles and horseback, but we never questioned it, we were unaware of the stabbing at the parade 10 years earlier. We also walked past a crowd of ultra-Orthodox men in black, holding flags and screaming angrily. While their anger frightened me somewhat, they were behind barricades with several police keeping them separate from the celebratory crowd. After a while, we had to leave to meet my aunt and uncle and hoped to return later. Shortly after we left, a man stabbed six in the crowd, including a girl my age. When we returned, the crowd was heading to a park for speeches. Our purses were searched and we joined the crowd. We saw people hugging and crying, and the mood was solemn.

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