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Helping Ethiopian-Israelis compete, thrive

HANNAH MILLER | Posted: Wednesday, August 12, 2015 10:00 am

This summer, I interned with the Ethiopian National Project at their headquarters in Jerusalem. ENP provides aid to Ethiopian immigrants to Israel and Ethiopian-Israelis to help them integrate into society and be able to compete with other Israelis at school or in jobs. They provide lessons for parents, a six-year school program for kids to prepare them for the army and their matriculation exam, camps for their kids to go to during the summer, and centers for teens to have a safe environment after school. I spent my days in the office working on fundraising and social media and also traveling to tutor and meet kids at outreach centers.

I had the pleasure of meeting many kids and learning about their impressive achievements that could only have been accomplished with the support of ENP. Two 16-year old girls I met were in the Five Point math class, the most advanced course offered in Israeli high school, studying practical engineering, and were planning to work in high tech in the future. They noted that since they joined ENP’s program and were given the attention and help they needed from teachers, their grades went from low B’s to high A’s. One of the girls was happy to tell me that she ended the school year with a 100 percent grade in the math class and won the mayor’s award.

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