You call that a peace plan? - Opinion

You call that a peace plan?

Posted: Wednesday, January 24, 2018 8:48 am

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has never fully accepted the reality of a Jewish state. So his harangue last week at the Palestinian Central Council was not a big surprise. But the vitriolic character of his statements was striking. Now we may know why. According to reports, Abbas was reacting to details of the not-yet released U.S. peace plan, which unceremoniously cements the status quo. Abbas called it “the slap in the face of the century,” but you don’t have to be a rabid Palestinian supporter to react with alarm at what seems to be under consideration.

If there is new thinking in the reported plan, being written by Trump’s son-in-law and Mideast adviser Jared Kushner, it is that Palestinian demands for a state and for dignity should be brushed aside. They would be offered, instead, something akin to a “state lite.” Israel would retain control over security and maintain a permanent presence in the Jordan Valley. There would be land swaps, but not based on the 1967 lines, and no Israeli settlements would be evacuated. On Jerusalem, Israel would have a veto on the city’s final status, which would be negotiated later. The Palestinian refugee issue would not be addressed.

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