Working on wet ways to make the deserts bloom - Opinion

Working on wet ways to make the deserts bloom

Giora Shaham | | Posted: Wednesday, March 28, 2018 10:06 am

Israel’s water sector is one of the most advanced in the world. I emphatically believe this and state it with pride. To arrive at this point, it was understood 20 years ago that the state of Israel’s natural water resources would not be able to supply the long-term quantities and needs of the country. In the last decade, decision-makers — already facing a water shortage and population growth — adopted and implemented the Integrated Water Resources Management Approach.

The results have transformed Israel’s water economy. High efficiency was attained in agricultural production per water unit; an aggressive educational and media campaign reduced domestic-water consumption by nearly 20 percent; government-supported treatment plants and hundreds of Jewish National Fund-built reservoirs around the country enabled the reuse of 86 percent of treated sewage for agricultural irrigation; and funds were invested into desalination plants that now provide 30 percent of Israel’s drinking water. These are major accomplishments, and today we are working on finalizing a master plan for Israel’s water sector to ensure a water-secure future for the land and people of Israel through 2050.

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