There are three major Jewish festivals that have historical and great significance. These three holidays include Passover (Pesach). Each of the three festivals has a special relationship to events in Jewish history, with Passover commemorating the liberation of Israel from the slavery of Egypt. Passover is observed in the Diaspora by Orthodox and Conservative Jews for eight days, and by Reform Jews for seven. With the last day of Passover, Jews recall their departed kinsfolk in a memorial service for the dead.

Thus, Passover, the Jewish festival of freedom, commemorates a great and dramatic event in the history of the Jewish people – their deliverance from Egyptian bondage. Yet, despite it being a historical holiday and a symbol of the Jewish fight for liberty, the TV stations were not there to call the attention of the general public to this important holiday, as they so often do for other high religious holidays.

Though TV stations failed to recognize this important Jewish holiday and the hard-won liberty, they must recognize that this high Jewish holiday applies not only to individuals, but to nations as well. Hard-won liberty and independence are often lost through indifference. TV stations must do their part to call attention to the general public of this high Jewish holiday so as to stymie the rise of tyrants.

David Schacter, Scottsdale


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