For years, France has been frustrated in her desire for a role in world leadership. Unable to compete with the United States in military or economic power, an embittered French elite instead became apologists for America's Islamic detractors.

With the election of the pro-American, pro-Israel Nicolas Sarkozy as its president, France has rejoined the Western world. Indeed she has now demonstrated more backbone in standing up to Islamic fascism than Germany, the U.K. or any other Western European country.

By bravely defying the Islamist onslaught, France is restored not only to the West but to a position of moral leadership within it. There is once again reason for hope among the Jews of France, and indeed the Jews of all Europe.

The specter haunting France was that continued unrestricted Arab immigration would inevitably turn the entire country into an extension of North Africa. Since the riots and anarchy of November 2005, however, the French people have been fed up with Islamic fascism and stand ready to defend their civilization.

They have the power to do so, since Muslims still make up less than 10 percent of the population of France, and, as the election of Sarkozy demonstrates, they have the will.

This is more than a turning point in the history of France; it is a turning point in the history of Europe and by extension of Western civilization. The balance of power has now tipped away from Europe's anti-American elites and apologists for Islamic fascism and toward the defenders of Western democracy.

The previously isolated British Prime Minister Tony Blair is now joined by Germany's new Chancellor Angela Merkel and a new, equally pro-American president of France.

The three major Western European powers and the United States are now all led by capable leaders determined to defend Western civilization and liberal democracy.

Since only a determined and united Europe can successfully resist Muslim colonization, the European Union may turn out to be a bulwark of Western civilization rather than the agent of its demise.

This shift in the balance of power is also significant from the American point of view. The U.K., France and Germany now can be expected to support rather than obstruct U.S. efforts to sanction Iran in the U.N. Security Council. Western Europe will no longer criticize the United States for standing her ground in Iraq or anywhere else she chooses to draw a line against Islamic fascism. All this will no doubt have a sobering effect on those, like Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, plotting the overthrow of the West through a strategy of divide and rule.

Equally significant is the blow that the election of Sarkozy deals to the views of the Western apologists. American politicians of the left can no longer argue that the United States should emulate Europe and abandon the war against Islamic fascism. Such a position becomes untenable now that all major Western European nations look to the United States as their economic and political model, indeed their salvation.

As Americans and as Jews, we never thought we would say this, but vive la France! God bless the brave citizens of France who have this day defied the wrath of the Muslim mob, defied Al-Qaida terror, defied their own supercilious elites and restored France to the West.

Devin Sper is a senior fellow at the Center for Advanced Middle East Studies and author of "The Future of Israel." Sivan Raine is a writer and the editor of "The Future of Israel."

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