US officials directly involved in Israeli politics

The editorial of Feb. 2 (“The New Pew study”) noted that Democrats in general and many American Jews were upset by Prime Minister Netanyahu interfering in American politics, speaking directly to Congress over the 2015 Iran deal. Perhaps they forgot that in 2016, President Obama flew to England where he threatened the British that they would be herded to “the end of the queue” of U.S. trading partners if they voted for Brexit. Or they didn’t read the bipartisan Senate committee report (released in July 16) noting that the Obama/Kerry State Department gave $350,000 taxpayer dollars to an Israeli group called One Voice, which used their infrastructure and their resources through another Israeli group called Victory 15, to launch a grassroots campaign to elect “anybody but Bibi” in 2015. Or they weren’t aware that Jeremy Bird, Obama’s 2012 national field director, went to Israel in 2015 to manage a grassroots campaign to oust the PM. Perhaps the former President and the Democrats (Jewish and otherwise) should look in the mirror before castigating Israel for similar (and less intrusive) activities.

Michael Pascoe

Toronto, Ontario, Canada (residing in Gilbert for winter)

Protecting Israel from Iran

In your Feb. 2 editorial, you claim that Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s appeal to our Congress to nullify the Iran deal has caused the disaffection of many Jewish Democrats. These Jewish Democrats are mistaken. The Iran deal ensures that Iran will have nuclear weapons, and the ballistic missiles required to use them, within 10 years. It also included the transfer of millions of dollars to Iran, which will certainly help them to become a nuclear power. Iran has made clear its intent to use these nuclear weapons against Israel. Putting aside the fact that we are Jews, that Israel is a Jewish nation and that its prime minister is a Jew, who can blame any leader whose country is under constant threat from another country for coming to Congress to defeat a piece of legislation that would give the aggressor country nuclear weapons? Yet, unfortunately, many Jews wear blinders when Obama and the Democratic party are involved.

Sandor and Bunny Shuch


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