Children as political mouthpieces

Until very recently, children were what I call “Adorable Ignor-ables” in that they have not had sufficient experiences to be taken seriously (“The children’s march,” Jewish News, March 23). This recent generation is being deployed by a political faction in this country that shares its tactics with China, Russia, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Venezuela and several other totalitarian regimes. The objective is to focus on the instrument, in this case a firearm, and ignore the social and societal breakdown that they have promoted, which fosters this sort of behavior. Teachers, law enforcement, business management and other so-called authority figures have been intimidated into ignoring deviant behavior lest they be accused of some sort of discrimination or the infliction of psychological hurt. In defiance of millennia of history and evolutionary data, these kids are suddenly some sort of authority that we should obey, rather than the mouthpieces of propaganda. Attack the root of the problem and work on mental health, identifying problem individuals and securing schools and other venues with armed responders that are properly trained.

Steven Cohen,


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