I am writing in regard to Jewish News’ Nov. 20 editorial “The dishonor of frivolous challenges.”

It was a bold statement, a good move, very timely and very well-stated. In fact, it could not have been more “on point” and precise.

In spite of the fact that we are still “straight out of the election,” some folks in our local Jewish community — before the ink is dry — are busy razzing liberals and undermining and antagonizing the yet-to-be-fully-created new administration. They need to understand that they are now at the end of their road, and the president has exhausted all plausible and legal options. 

They can assist in saving the possibly “sinking ship” (and avoid a threat and preserve our two party system) or else they can choose to go down with it.

The election was conducted in a “fair and square” manner. Joe Biden won. The time is over for voters to marinate in fantasies about secret servers and hidden ballots. 

In every substantive way, the Trump presidency is now coming to an end. It’s no longer a time for hyper-partisanship or civil unrest. Our constitutional democracy enshrines the peaceful transfer of power, and we just don’t respect that, we cherish it. 

It’s now time to get behind the new president in his efforts to end the COVID-19 crisis, which has additionally caused isolation, unpaid work furloughs and missing family and friends, to resolve economic turmoil, restore human rights, mend racial injustice, take climate change seriously, tackle food insecurity — one in four school children in this country don’t know where their next meal is coming from — restore the USA’s standing among our allies and bring dignity back to the Office of The President of The United States.

Let’s put the ugly scars of the last four years behind us. Where you are, isn’t where you have to stay.

Raymond (Ray) Hirsh, Scottsdale

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