The fifth (absent) child - Opinion

The fifth (absent) child

RABBI MICHAEL BEYO | Posted: Wednesday, May 18, 2016 10:00 am

A month ago, Jewish families around the world could be found sitting together at their tables and celebrating one of our most important holidays: Pesach. We are all familiar with the smells and memories that a seder brings. We are also all familiar with the family members who attend our seder. Some we love dearly, some we love less. Some share our values, some do not. Some make us feel good and important, and some make us uncomfortable. But we are all there together celebrating not only the pivotal moment of the formation of the Jewish people, but we also are there celebrating Jewish family, Jewish community. We are there around that table to proclaim that we are one family, one community. We have been here for the past thousands of years and we will be here for the next thousands of years celebrating and honoring our heritage, religion, values and community.

This sense of one community is so important and is so embedded in the celebration of the seder that the editors of the seder (our Rabbis) decided that they had to teach us the sense of community building in the Haggadah text itself. Here we have the Four Sons. We are all familiar with them.

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