In my 40 years in Arizona, I’ve not seen an important matter so confused (“Prop 123 enjoys broad support,” Jewish News, April 22). Superficially, Proposition 123 seems to validate and support the Jewish community’s passionate cultural commitment to education. It seems like a good deal, but we must look deeper, and the public lacks the facts to make an informed choice.

First of all, how much do we really know about the State Land Trust? Where is it? Who runs it? How is its income generated? If 2.5 percent of that income is earmarked for schools, where does the rest of it go? If the percentage for schools goes from 2.5 percent to over 6 percent as promised in Prop 123, who loses? Another question is why the Legislature failed to appropriate the money to the schools that was mandated by the public in a referendum? There is a serious lawsuit in progress to address that issue. It appears that Prop 123 is an expensive effort to get the legislators off the hook about allegations that they failed to do their jobs.

So, my friends, please get all the facts and decide for yourselves whether Proposition 123 is a true shifting of priorities to benefit our children or a massive boondoggle designed to relieve the Legislature of its ignored responsibilities. The choice is yours.

Samuel “Skip” Feinstein, Scottsdale


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