Promoting a culture of Jewish learning - Opinion

Promoting a culture of Jewish learning

Rabbi Dr. Shmuly Yanklowitz and AJ Frost | Special to the Jewish News | Posted: Wednesday, January 17, 2018 8:17 am

As many people in the Greater Phoenix Jewish community know, Valley Beit Midrash is committed to fostering a pluralistic intellectual culture of Jewish learning with our every endeavor. Whether it is through our regular learning series, spiritual retreats, or young professional and young family programming (such as the Start Me Up! and YATOM Family Fellowships), every aspect of our organization is dedicated to celebrating the many ideas and visions for a rounded contemporary Jewish life.

What might not be as well known to the broader community is that Valley Beit Midrash’s commitment to the ideal of Jewish experiential education is not confined to local social halls, libraries and boardrooms. Indeed, we feel — as we have always felt — that the pursuit of Jewish wisdom has to go beyond physical spaces and be made tangible for all to enjoy. But what does this mean in practice? There are many methods to disseminate knowledge, but for us, one of the most impactful and immediate means to ascertain a diverse set of views on Jewish wisdom is through the publication of a thought journal. We are proud that we have produced our own thought journal, KOLOT: Celebrating the Plurality of Jewish Voices (with the second volume released earlier this year and the third volume just released last month), as a regular component of a rapidly growing milieu of Jewish pedagogy.

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