Two articles – “Reflections from AIPAC” and “AIPAC’s plan to ‘come together’ comes undone” (Jewish News, March 25) – certainly caught my attention. As previously strong supporters of that organization, my wife and I had become progressively more and more discouraged by AIPAC’s seeming inability to confront the Obama administration’s increasingly hostile demeanor when it involved America’s once important ally in the Middle East – the State of Israel.

Under the cover of impartiality and “bipartisanship,” AIPAC has refused to recognize the need to respectfully, yet forcefully, call attention to the horrific damage being perpetrated upon our friend, Israel, by President Obama and his administration. For that reason, we have walked away from our relationship with AIPAC and now offer our support to several other organizations that are not nearly as  timid regarding calling out the White House when an obvious unjust slant away from Israel becomes apparent.

The multiple standing ovations that Donald Trump and Ted Cruz enjoyed at the annual Policy Conference when they clearly, and forcefully, stated the obvious should tell AIPAC why they have lost credibility with many of their once-important supporters.

Les and Annette Cherow, Phoenix

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Of the presidential candidates, Cruz is certainly the strongest in support of Israel, and Trump, despite a rather weak start, is second. Liberal Jews will have to choose between their left-liberal ideology and support for Israel, because the Democrats are much more worried about protecting Moslems and Islam than they are about anti-Semitism and protecting Israel.

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