Only five Jewish signers? - Letters To The Editor

Only five Jewish signers?

Posted: Wednesday, November 25, 2015 10:00 am


The Arizona Republic published a lengthy, respectful and well-thought-out open letter to Gov. Doug Ducey taking him to task on his request to stop refugee relocations. It was signed by 82 local faith leaders. Sadly, of those signatories there were only five Jews. Four were rabbis, and one was a lay leader of a secular organization. I applaud their participation in this appeal to the governor. However, it is very sad and disappointing that our local Jewish community was not better represented. It would have been nice to see more rabbis among the non-Jewish clergy. It would have been great to see Jewish communal organizations advocating and giving voice to this extremely important issue. If Jews hope to attract the support of leaders in other faith communities when there are issues that affect us, then it only makes sense that our community joins with other faith leaders on important matters of human rights. Where is the Jewish communal voice in the Greater Phoenix area and why is it silent so often?

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