Sometimes destruction is necessary for peace


At the end of the opinion piece, “Students committed to standing up for Jewish, democratic values in United States and Israel,” (Jewish News, March 24), the writer attempted to establish some sort of moral equivalence between Israel and her mortal enemies when he wrote: “We invite you, the Phoenix Jewish community, to join us in this effort. On April 30, J Street U ASU will host a Yom Hazikaron Israeli-Palestinian Memorial Day Service to mark the loss of life due to this conflict and discuss what we can do to advocate for peace.”

Perhaps, on Holocaust Memorial Day, he can hold a service to remember the loss of life (on both sides!) due to the conflict of World War II and the Holocaust. After all, the Germans suffered, too! Can he really not see the moral wickedness of his position which equates the Jewish victims with their Muslim/Arab murderers?

If he really wants to advocate for peace, the very first thing he needs to do is advocate for the destruction of those who openly proclaim ongoing war against Israel and the Jews until the entire territory of Israel becomes Islamic again. The surest road to peace with the Germans in the period 1940-945 was the destruction of our Nazi enemies and the crushing defeat of Germany. That should be kept in mind by everyone who advocates for peace between Israel and her mortal enemies.

Carl Goldberg, Ph.D.


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