Gay hatred has Quranic source - Letters To The Editor

Gay hatred has Quranic source

Posted: Wednesday, June 15, 2016 10:00 am


The mass murder of gays is indeed a “hate” crime, as President Obama states. However, what he and most others do not state is the source of the hatred of gays. The source is the Quran, which clearly states followers should “throw gays off the top of the highest building.” No, that is not bias or Islamaphobic talk. It is simply the truth. Unless and until we begin having an honest dialogue about what is actually written in the Quran about homosexual and Jew hatred as well, we cannot begin to understand or stop these mass murders. They will continue on and on. We witness beheadings, women being stoned, other horrors by ISIS, which is simply following what is in the Quran. No, that does not mean all Muslims will do the same, but it does mean we all had better begin speaking honestly about the Quran’s teachings, which appeal to some.

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