I would like to express “thanks” to the Jewish Federation of Phoenix and the Israeli American Conference (IAC) for hosting a pro-Palestinian/Anti-Israel rant by an Israeli Arab Muslim news anchor, Lucy Aharish.

As a stunned member of the audience I sat for two hours while Ms. Aharish spoke about Israel including its prime minister as a hateful and racist society that refuses to learn Arabic and treats Arabs like herself as  second-class citizens (despite the fact that Ms. Aharish was college-educated in Israel, attained  a news anchor position on an Israeli TV network and was honored  by Israel to light the torch at the 2015 Independence Day celebration).

In what felt like a civilized version of a Students for Justice for Palestine event, Ms. Aharish  was very effective in shifting all focus off of the Muslim-Arab war on Jews by hammering points on “occupation” and quickly deflected any wrongdoings of Arabs and Muslims back on the Jews. She mentioned honor killings and anti-gay policies as the only Arab/Muslim problem while completely avoiding an inconvenient truth – Jihad. She spoke of great peace ideals, but provided no concrete solutions, aside from ethnically cleansing Judea and Samaria of 120,000 Jews living there to make room for the Palestinian state.

In the entire two-hour speech there was nothing positive said about the State of Israel.

Arthur Rothstein


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