Palestinians continue to thwart peace

You almost hit the nail on the head when you wrote: “... maybe it doesn’t really matter who succeeds Abbas, since no progress is likely to be made so long as the Palestinian people themselves continue to believe that Israel is the source of their problems” (“The Day After Abbas,” Jewish News, March 16).

For generations, it has been an integral part of Palestinian identity to believe that Israel’s very existence is a catastrophe; and they celebrate this “Naqba Day” as a major holiday every year. No future Palestinian leader can reverse this.

In fact, the situation is worse than that. The absolute rejection of Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state in any borders is not just national chauvinism on the part of the Palestinians. It is also fundamental Islamic religious dogma; and Israel’s right to exist is rejected by the entire Islamic religious world, of which the Palestinians, according to their own documents, are a part. That is why Palestinian leaders can never make peace with Israel. They cannot flagrantly violate the sacred commands of their god and their prophet. JN

Carl Goldberg


Spurious Wiesel comparison

I am scratching my head over the first paragraph of the March 16 editorial “Blame the military for Rohingya persecution.” It makes no sense to presuppose that Elie Wiesel, in an unknown position for an unknown country with unknown responsibilities, might do anything remotely similar to the passive activities of Aung San Suu Kyi, which led to her Elie Wiesel Award being revoked. In fact, it adds confusion to and distraction from the point you are trying to make. Personally, I find it is a ridiculous comparison and an insult to Mr. Wiesel. JN

Sonny Taragin

Baltimore, MD

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