Anger at political ad in the Jewish News

To the editor:

Newspapers these days face many challenges and must make difficult decisions on what to print. There used to be a time when periodicals remained politically neutral and I, for one, yearn for those days. When the Journal of American Medicine prints a scathing assessment of our current government after a hundred years of neutrality, it says something about the world we currently live in.

I have always looked forward to reading the Jewish News to learn of happenings in our community. I watch CNN to keep up with current news events and don¹t expect to see political propaganda in your paper. I also don¹t expect to have your paper shame me for being a Democrat voting for Biden. That ad was a shameful recrimination of choice and didn¹t deserve to see the light of day.

Please proceed to cancel my subscription effective immediately. When your paper reverts to political neutrality and community information, I would consider re-subscribing.

Thanks for your time.

Carol Sapin-Chasan

To the editor

In the October 16th edition of the Jewish News, there is an advertisement on page 6 that is not only disgusting but inaccurate.

I support free speech but not falsehoods and blatant lies. Not everyone is educated enough to see through such gross misinformation.

Shame on the Jewish News for printing it.

I look forward to my subscription ending in March and will not continue to support your publication.

Lisa Blum-Altman

To the editor:

As a long time subscriber to the Jewish News, I enjoy the experience of reading different views on any given subject. While expression of individual ideas is the essence of the American way, I was dismayed to see a particular political advertisement in the October 16th edition. The ad admonishes anyone Jewish who votes Democratic. The ad is very heavy on deception, falsehoods, and outright lies. A prime example is:  “A VOTE FOR THE DEMOCRATS IS A VOTE FOR:  De-funding the police and military, [and] harassment of pro-Israel and Jewish college students.” 

I understand that during elections both sides need to - and should - be represented. The vile content of this advertisement is, however, an affront to your readers, regardless of their party.  

To those of you who decide what does or does not go into the paper:  I urge you, especially in the tense atmosphere of this election year, to allow voices to be heard in a respectful and dignified manner. The bar for these types of ads needs to be high enough so that the integrity of the paper can never be questioned.

Thank you for the time and energy you spend sifting through the noise of political rhetoric.

Marcea Azimov 

To the editor:

So, you asked WHY we are voting Democrat if we're Jewish? That WAS the headline of the paid advertisement supporting President Trump in the paper last week.

As an active member of our Jewish community who donates not only my money, but also my time towards the betterment of the Jewish people, I am deeply offended by this question.

Historically, I have voted for, and donated to, candidates on both sides of our political system.  When I educate myself on candidates and issues, one of the things I do is ask myself an important question, "Should my children admire this person"?

Based on the answer to that question, I am voting for a lot of Democrats this year. The hate and anger that has come to define our lives under the current political climate of the Republicans is NOT admirable nor is it how I interpret my Jewish purpose.

Our current President incites violence towards minorities, including Jews, and creates a tone of anger. Look at the kind of advertisement you have to run to garner support for him. It's based in fear. If the only way you can encourage someone to vote for your candidate is through fear and anger - that's not someone I want my children to admire. 

But I take enormous pride in knowing that we can disagree on this topic and still live safely as Jews in this country together. To assume that because I'm Jewish, I will support a specific political party, undermines the reason we all came to America. We came here for freedom to select our leaders and feel safe from persecution.

As Jews, we need to set an example of cooperation and unity - not divisiveness and anger. I urge each of you to not question someone's political positions based on their religious beliefs, but rather encourage them to speak in a positive manner about their beliefs and how candidates support those dreams for the future.

I am Jew and I'm voting blue this year.  I'm doing it for my children and for, what I believe to be, the return to safe diplomacy that we lost 4 years ago. If you're voting red this year, I value your opinion and your right to openly disagree with me. But do NOT question my Jewishness because I would never question yours - that's not who we are as a people.

Name withheld by request


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