After Dan Schere’s five-column discussion (“Is there a center in pro-Israel lobby?” June 9 issue of Jewish News), he concludes that there is no viable middle ground!

The real issue regarding Jewish organizations in America vis-a-vis Israel has nothing to do with a middle ground, but whether our Jewish organizations are effectively supporting Israel as an important and effective nation in the Middle East.

I believe it is significant to Jews around the world that Israel continues to be a democracy and a strong country in the fields of science, medicine, high tech, education, the arts and conservation of water and clean air, and other planetary issues. Israel has undertaken all of these challenges with great success for the past 70 years of existence.

AIPAC, as most Jewish people know, is a very effective lobbying organization that promotes the State of Israel in Congress. It sponsors trips to Israel for new Democratic and Republican members of the House and Senate, in order to view Israel with their own eyes. AIPAC also sponsors an annual conference in Washington, D.C. for Democrats and Republicans, persons of every color, along with a variety of religions represented.

In regard to the U.S. agreement with Iran, it is not only Republicans who believe this one-sided arrangement should be canceled, but many Democrats agree, as well as other nations around the world.

As to other issues raised by Dan Schere regarding J-Street’s view on a “two-state solution” in Israel, as well as where the “LGBT” fits into his thesis is difficult to discern.

What Jews in America should be and are concentrating on is making sure that the U.S. and Israel remain together as strong allies, and that we do everything we can to help Israel remain as one of the leading nations in the world.

That is exactly what AIPAC , the Jewish National Fund, Jewish Federations across America and the Jewish Community Foundations have been doing for several generations.

One last word on the so-called “middle ground,” historically that is not a place for doers. it is a retreat for people who cannot make up their minds!

David R. Frazer


Having just returned from a lengthy overseas trip (including participation on JNF’s 50th Anniversary of the Reunification of Jerusalem Mission to Israel), we just read your excellent “Best of Jewish Philanthropy 2017” issue. We feel humbled to have been highlighted and appreciate having been nominated and selected.

What an honor it is to be in the company of those who were featured, especially those who were spotlighted: Bill Levine, Jean Grossman, and Sheila Schwartz.

We truly appreciate those philanthropists who have come before us and hope that your “Best of Jewish Philanthropy 2017” magazine will inspire many others to give of their time and resources in the future.

Randi and Alan Jablin


Stephanie Breitsman’s article, “Netanyahu calls Trump’s bluff on settlement construction” (June 14 issue of Jewish News) was a clear attack on the ninth prime minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, who has been elected and re-elected as a leader of the Jewish nation by the people of the Jewish state for 12 years. Nothing of Breitsman’s critique can by any means be considered “pro-Israel.” Her commentary painted the prime minister as a pawn to the sinister “radical right flank special interest group — the settlers.” None of this is surprising given her employment by the anti-Israel, anti-Semitic organization Americans for Peace Now.

Who are the settlers? Civilians, Jewish families who are rightfully and lawfully settling our historic homeland. They are the modern version of the kibbutzim. Why are Jews living in Judea and Samaria considered an obstacle to peace? After all, millions of Arabs living in the state of Israel are not. Why must Judea and Samaria be Judenrein (Jew Free) for a Palestinian state to exist? Americans For Peace Now says, “Settlements are antithetical to peace” thereby advocating for forceful expulsion of Jews, ethnic cleansing in order to bring about “peace.” Where was peace between 1948 and 1967 when Jordan illegally occupied Judea and Samaria and expelled the Jews? Why did they not have a Palestinian state then? Why should Jews be asked to leave our rightful home, a home that was stolen from us by Jordanians in 1948 that we liberated in 1967? Judea and Samaria are rightfully ours.

Anyone claiming that there is an “occupation” should be able to answer this question: Whose territory is Israel occupying? Palestinian? No such state ever existed. Jordanian? Jordanians gave up all claim to this land when they signed a peace agreement with Israel in 1994. Besides, they illegally occupied that land from 1948 to 1967. Israel re-took it from the Jordanians in the Six-Day War. No man’s land? Well, you can’t occupy something that does not belong to anyone else. Israeli? Yes. Those were the borders of Israel when it was established on May 14, 1948; so, you can’t occupy something that belongs to you.

Arthur Rothstein


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