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Kudos to Marcia Fine (“To the Editor,” Oct. 27) for stressing the importance of the Jewish News’ continuing publication. I’m always amazed when I talk to people within the community who are disappointed that they hadn’t heard about a specific community event. How are they supposed to be aware of events if they don’t subscribe to the Jewish News?

On a personal note, I will be forever grateful to the paper for connecting me with a local cousin (Terri Jonas). Back in 2004, I was reading the b’nai mitzvah milestones and recognized a grandmother’s name through my genealogy work. I found her name in the phone book, called her, and we had a lovely conversation. She then connected me to Terri! How cool it was for me to discover a cousin that I never knew I had, especially in my own community!

Randi Jablin


Shabbos Project Arizona succes

I’d like to thank the Jewish News for the exceptional coverage of the worldwide Shabbos Project and Arizona’s participation with the Shabbos Shuk and Great AZ Challah Bake. The articles and photos you provided were informational and inspiring. The event was truly a community-unity event, as more than 600 women and girls came from all parts of town. Several people participated in Shabbos dinners and their first full Shabbos experience.

I want to thank my exceptional co-chair Danielle Gross for her attention to details and wonderful idea to raise funds for hurricane victims as the ladies gave tzedakah before praying for their friends and family while making challah. Giving tzedakah before prayers can open the gates of heaven and due to a match from the Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Phoenix, the challah bake attendees generated more than $2,000 in emergency funds.

Thank you to the many committee members and volunteers who helped plan and organize this event, and especially the little girls from Torah Day School of Phoenix and teen girls from Shearim Torah High School. The support of the Phoenix Community Kollel staff was extraordinary and the partnership with the Jewish Federation of Greater Phoenix and the Valley of the Sun JCC was phenomenal. It’s truly a blessing to live in Arizona and to be part of such a vibrant and wonderful Jewish community.

Robin Meyerson

Shabbos Project Arizona

Remembering a man of vision

This Shabbas, the 22nd day of Cheshvan, Nov. 11, is the yahrzeit of Jack Greenberg, olav hashalom (rest in peace). As the years go by, less and less people remember this gentleman who played such an integral part in the growth of the Phoenix Jewish community. Jack was one of the founders and the first president of the Young Israel of Phoenix. He was a man of vision and integrity. The Phoenix Orthodox community has grown a great amount in the 23 years that I have been here, and acknowledgment has to be given to people who planted and nurtured these seeds of growth when being Orthodox in Phoenix wasn’t all that easy to be. So, yasher koach, Jack, for doing your part in making the Phoenix Orthodox community the vibrant community it is today. I didn’t forget your contribution. I hope others also now remember. May your neshoma have an aliyah. JN

Moshe Shipkin


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