Bullets, not guns

I found your article (“New Zealand’s example,” March 29) interesting regarding how New Zealand’s prime minister, Jacinda Ardern, attempts to change the gun laws there. Your March 29 article was right on to assure gun owners that the Second Amendment will always protect the rights of guns to be purchased and used for protection and hunting. But why are we spending so much time worrying about weapons, guns of all types, when they are simply trophies to collect and display?

Why aren’t we addressing the real problem: ammunition? If semiautomatic ammunition was banned in these very dangerous guns, it would be very difficult to use a semiautomatic weapon or any other gun that possesses a real threat to society.

I would like to suggest we research the largest makers of ammunition and explore what it would take for them to scale back the production of these dangerous bullets (magazines, etc.). This might not be in the best interest of the U.S. munitions makers, but they have a responsibility to protect all U.S. citizens and the peoples of the world.

Christine Leva | Scottsdale


What's the alternative?

You are critical of every aspect of the president’s foreign policy (“What’s the end game?,” May 17), but unless I missed something, you offer no alternative suggestions. I’d like to see some specifics on future pages of the PJN.

For Israel in particular, you accuse the president of provoking Iran (and its rocket strong clients surrounding Israel). I presume you want him to back off. I have to recall the words of Golda Meir: “We can forgive them for killing our children but we cannot forgive you for making us kill their children. Peace will come only when they love their children more than they hate us.”

Neither Israel, the U.S., nor any other Western democracy initiated jihad. Its rigid ideology to destroy infidels (Jews in particular) and to establish the universal caliphate has origins in the 6th century and shows no sign of waning. It has made all negotiations with any and all jihadi organizations, from Yasser Arafat’s to the present, futile. Based on its behavior to date, it seems impossible for them to love their children (future martyrs) more than they hate us in the future.

Thus, there is no endgame. We must live with perpetual confrontation. Israel knows how to do this and has survived so far — and very well, as everyone knows. With our help it will continue to do so for the indefinite future.

Martin Rosenthal | Phoenix

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