Your editorial about the Muslims’ violent reaction to the metal detectors (Jewish News, July 28) that Israel placed on the Temple Mount the other week, could have been clearer about the causes. You correctly referred to “Muslim intransigence,” but the cause is deeper than that. The Mufti of Jerusalem, the highest Islamic religious authority in that area, condemned the “Zionist metal detectors.” So, the problem was not the metal detectors per se, but the fact that they were placed there by Jews who were exercising a measure of Jewish sovereignty and superiority over Muslims. This is absolutely forbidden by Islam’s sacred texts in which Allah commands Muslims to make war on the Jews until the Jews submit to Islamic law, and it is forbidden by Islam’s prophet who commanded Muslims to make war on the Jews and kill them. These sacred texts are taught and preached in all mosques.

Carl Goldberg

Glendale, Arizona

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