Ben Cohen's commentary “Trump crisis shouldn't mask new opportunities for Mideast peace” (May 26 issue of Jewish News) is distressing. The article spends the first six of its 13 paragraphs discussing whether we recognize the Kotel as belonging to Israel.

The Jewish News, in detailing the recent spat over the Kotel and the U.S. administration, cited the UN resolution declaring no historical bond of Jews and Jerusalem and saying Israel should return to the 1967 borders as the cause of the confusion. You reported the last administration's refusal to veto the one-sided, arbitrary (typical UN anti-Semitic resolution) as the “sad” reason a middle-level bureaucrat might make such a claim. Trump's Administration instantly responded that this was not the position of the president or the U.S. Ambassador Hailey is trying to bring up a nullification resolution at this time. Ben Cohen omits all of this. Why spend nearly half the article talking about an issue that was quickly and appropriately dismissed by all who followed the event. Could it be it doesn't fit an anti-Trump scenario Cohen is pushing?

When Ben Cohen's editorial presents as a crisis an event that your paper dismissed last week as a non-crisis, and which you cite as a leftover from the previous president, he does a disservice to all your readers. The confusion over whether the U.S. recognizes the 1967 borders or not is anything but routine. The Trump Administration quickly and emphatically corrected this situation. Its approach to Israel is to be cheered. Cohen is wrong to pretend that this diplomatic snafu was a crisis in the first place, and then for him to compare this non-event to the survival of Israel-U.S. relationship is remarkable. It is clear that Trump is trying to repair the U.S.-Israeli relationship that was near extinct.

The president maybe having a domestic crisis, but clearly it does not involve Israel.

Jerome Glazer


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