I enjoyed reading your 2020 Best of Jewish News/Senior Living & Lifestyle magazine. It was very informative regarding helpful information and resources for older adults. I would like to add some clarification about the Federation Senior Rides program. I believe that your readers deserve to know the real history of this program.

The article states, “The inception of this program began with the goal of bringing a greater quality of life to seniors who cannot drive and do not have the means to pay for their own transportation.” That is exactly right, but the Federation didn’t start the program. It was started in February 2016 by my husband, Alan and me, along with the Friedel Family Foundation, and was known as the Friedel Family Foundation Senior Transportation Fund. Jewish News’ article “Federation aims to expand senior rides program” on Feb. 12, 2016, gives the specifics of the launching of the program.

The rides were offered through Envoy America (as they are today), and Smile On Seniors administered the fund with 100% going toward rides for seniors. After the launching of our fund, the Jewish Federation came to us asking if we’d be willing to partner with them on the program. We agreed to terms and worked together for a short while before terminating our agreement which was covered in the Jewish News. We eventually transferred the program to the Federation in late 2016. The Federation changed the name of the program to the Federation Senior Rides program.

Alan and I are so happy that the program continues today, thanks to the generosity of the Molly Blank Fund of The Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation. May Federation’s Senior Rides program continue to provide rides to seniors for many years.

Randi Jablin, Scottsdale

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