My dear friend and colleague Jeffrey Schesnol recently wrote an article in Jewish News (“Nonreligious Zionists founded Israel,” Dec. 16) that refuted an earlier article by Matthew Karlovsky (“Jews and the Golden Calf,” Nov. 26) with respect to why Jews voted for Donald Trump rather than Hillary Clinton. Although what is stated in the headline is a fact, that fact was, in my opinion, one of the lesser issues raised in the article. Basically, I agreed with Jeffrey’s analysis of Karlovsky’s article, however, we part company when it comes to his final paragraph.

Let it be understood, there were more qualified candidates among the 17 people that stood on the stage during the first Republican debate that would have been the choice of the undersigned. But Donald Trump won and he is now our president-elect. So, please, to Jeffrey and the many others who feel as he does, GET OVER IT. Stop with the glass is half-empty philosophy. We no longer hear of the crimes and misdemeanors of which Hillary was guilty and they were many and likewise it is time to forget the ridiculous outbursts of Trump during the campaign. The campaign is over. He is the president-elect and will take office on Jan. 20. It will, admittedly, be a different type of administration: one based on businesspeople who have accomplished much in their careers and can, hopefully, do the same for the American people, including the Jews and the State of Israel. I am optimistic. I feel that we will see a seder at the White House. We have no choice. The glass is half-full with a drink that we have never tasted. Give it a chance – accept it and let us all hope for the best.

Leon H. Gildin


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