In this week’s Get Connected issue, we feature a wide range of ways for people to get involved in our local Jewish community.

Featured on these pages is only a sample – we haven’t even touched upon all the educational offerings yet. But there’s always next week to feature the variety of classes and programs that individuals and organizations are busy planning for the coming year.

Whether you are new to town or entering a new phase in your life, read through the pages of this issue to find an event or program that speaks to you and give it a try. If you don’t see anything here, check back again next week or visit our website at Or maybe you are interested in starting something yourself – many of today’s successful programs were started because somebody found a gap in services and wanted to fill it.

We view the Jewish News as not only a place for people to find out what is happening in the local Jewish community – both in Greater Phoenix and Northern Arizona – but also a place to learn about each other. As a community newspaper, our primary mission is to serve as a hub for community conversation. Although our community is diverse and we may not all agree with each other politically or in other ways, we still need to communicate respectfully with each other.

As students return to school and organizations launch into another season, let’s meet back here on these pages each week to share the news of our community. (You can also check in midweek on Facebook, Twitter and through our JNow emails.) Be a part of it by submitting story ideas to or sending photos of community events to

It’s time to get connected.

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