Recognize reality of Israel relations - Editorial

Recognize reality of Israel relations

Posted: Wednesday, February 8, 2017 10:39 am

Shmuel Bar, a former Israeli intelligence officer and founder of a company that sifts social media messages for terrorist threats, was recently disinvited from speaking on a panel at a London think tank. He was told that since a Saudi official would be attending the session, the Israeli couldn’t be seen in attendance with him. As related last week in Bloomberg Businessweek, “Bar told the organizers that he and the Saudi gentleman had, in fact, been planning to have lunch together at a Moroccan restaurant nearby before walking over to the event together.”

Such is the reality for Israelis who do business with Arab countries such as Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states, which pay lip service to the Arab boycott of Israel. Business relationships and security cooperation are growing among these countries – all of which share concerns about Iran, the Islamic State and other destabilizing forces in the region.

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