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No third-rate hack job

It is tempting to dismiss allegations of Russian hacking during last fall’s presidential election as blame shifting by sore losers in the Democratic Party and/or the work of a socially-awkward teen-age hacker working from his parent’s basement. Various figures on the right, including President Donald Trump himself, have intimated as much.
Tuesday 03/14/2017
One voice against hate
Posted: March 14, 2017

It is a rare day when the entire U.S. Senate speaks with one voice. That day was March 6, when a sixth wave of bomb threats were phoned in and emailed to Jewish institutions across the country. In a letter to Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Department of Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly and FBI director James Comey, all 100 senators called for “swift action with regard to the deeply troubling series of anonymous bomb threats.”

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Wednesday 03/08/2017
Do as we say, not as we did
Posted: March 08, 2017

Last week, at its annual conference, the Jewish Council for Public Affairs did something commendable in our highly charged political environment. The group, whose member agencies advocate primarily from the left of the political center, welcomed and listened politely to a presentation from a pair of more conservative pundits: Noah Silverman, congressional affairs director for the Republican Jewish Coalition, and Noah Pollak, a conservative political writer and consultant.

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Wednesday 03/01/2017
Sour on Sarsour
Posted: March 01, 2017

What’s Linda Sarsour’s angle? The American activist, who was a surrogate for Sen. Bernie Sanders during his presidential campaign and an organizer of the Women’s March that brought half a million people to Washington in January to protest Donald Trump, last week helped start a crowdfunding campaign to repair more than 100 gravestones that vandals toppled in a St. Louis Jewish cemetery.

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Wednesday 02/22/2017
The Mideast can’t live ‘with either one’
Posted: February 22, 2017

In his month in office, President Donald Trump has challenged several long-standing American policies, only to back off later. The result has been to leave unclear exactly what American policy is toward China, Russia or NATO, among other things.

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Wednesday 02/15/2017
Everyone’s Talmud
Posted: February 15, 2017

Until modern times, the Talmud was a major Jewish preoccupation. This sprawling compendium of the law, lore and commentary of successive generations of early rabbinic scholars provided Jews with a human map for following the law of the Hebrew Bible and the six books of the Mishna.

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Wednesday 02/08/2017
Recognize reality of Israel relations
Posted: February 08, 2017

Shmuel Bar, a former Israeli intelligence officer and founder of a company that sifts social media messages for terrorist threats, was recently disinvited from speaking on a panel at a London think tank. He was told that since a Saudi official would be attending the session, the Israeli couldn’t be seen in attendance with him. As related last week in Bloomberg Businessweek, “Bar told the organizers that he and the Saudi gentleman had, in fact, been planning to have lunch together at a Moroccan restaurant nearby before walking over to the event together.”

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Wednesday 02/01/2017
Punishing Muslims for being Muslim
Posted: February 01, 2017

Most of the organized Jewish community, along with most civil libertarians, shuddered as the new administration issued an executive order effectively targeting Muslims who want to immigrate to the United States.

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Wednesday 01/11/2017
Hier will honor the presidency
Posted: January 11, 2017

A presidential inauguration has always been a celebration of the peaceful transfer of power. This year, after a crude and divisive election campaign won by Donald Trump, the idea of a peaceful transfer has emerged in high relief.

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