Yes, Virginia, there are Jews there - Commentary

Yes, Virginia, there are Jews there

Posted: Wednesday, May 17, 2017 7:31 am

First, the bad news. Shockingly, we have all been hearing and reading about vicious anti-Semitic attacks in Europe: shootings, stabbings, political leaders rabble-rousing crowds to rise up against Jewish communities and to blame them for society’s ills. This has led to a large uptick in the decision by many European Jews to make aliyah and relocate to Israel. Here at home, we’re hearing more about anti-Semitism on college campuses – anti-Jewish rhetoric that is cloaked in the venomous language of “anti-Zionism,” a convenient way for Students for Justice in Palestine and similar social justice warriors to smear the Jewish people and the Jewish homeland.

Now, some good news. What we don’t often hear about are the vibrant Jewish communities south of our border. Having spent much of my career in Latin America, I have had the wonderful opportunity to visit, worship and participate in activities with many of these communities in their synagogues, their day schools, their community centers and among their citizens. I am happy to report that Jewish life, from Mexico southward, is active, meaningful and much larger than many Americans believe. In fact, hundreds of thousands of Jews live in Latin America.

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