This year, more than ever, Arizona needs experienced leadership in the U.S. Senate. There is only one candidate on the ballot we can count on to keep our nation safe and stand up for the values that are important to so many of us in the Jewish community. John McCain has spent his life bravely serving our country as a soldier and as a senator. He fights for Arizona, supports common sense legislation and has worked tirelessly to enhance American's standing in the world.

John McCain has also been a strong supporter of America's relationship with Israel. Throughout his career, McCain has reached across the aisle to support critical bipartisan legislation that has made Israel safer and America more secure including enhanced military assistance to Israel and critical funding for Iron Dome and other missile defense systems. He views Israel as America's ally in the region and understands the strategic benefit to growing the relationship between our two countries - from enhanced military cooperation to collaboration in the areas of desalination and solar technology.

Most importantly, McCain truly understands the threat that Iran poses to both America and to Israel. He played a leading role in opposing the Iran nuclear deal, a disastrous deal that provided Iran with billions of dollars to continue funding Iran's campaign of global terror without adequately ensuring the full dismantlement of their nuclear program. McCain knows that an emboldened Iran only adds to the instability of the region - further endangering Israel. He supports the renewal of the Iran Sanctions Act, set to expire this year, to provide incentive for Iran to honor the deal and live up to other international obligations.

Simply put Arizona, this is the easiest choice we have to make this election year. We must send a strong, experienced leader to represent us in Washington. John McCain is the only choice to represent us in the United States Senate.

Melanie Efune is a pro-Israel activist in Paradise Valley.

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