According to a New York Times exit poll, 70 percent of American Jews voted for Hillary Clinton while only 24 percent voted for Donald Trump, a smaller number than for Mitt Romney in 2012 (30 percent). This is bewildering from a pro-Israel standpoint. Confused non-Jewish friends ask me why so many Jews always vote for a party against their people’s apparent own self-interest.

Where does Israel stand in modern Democrat party politics? The booing of the United Jerusalem platform during the 2012 Democrat convention, the Israel flag burning outside the 2016 Democrat convention, the sea of “Palestine” flags within their convention hall and the rank swelling of pro-BDS Muslim voters in the Bernie camp has to make one wonder why Jews would vote for a party that elevates these dangerous elements. Hillary’s aide Huma Abedin’s parents are the editors of a Muslim Brotherhood newspaper. Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood-financed Rep. Keith Ellison is the frontrunner to chair the DNC. Democrats such as Jerrold Nadler and Steven Israel marched in lock step behind Obama as he forced through the “Iran Deal” lie, against Israel’s grave security concerns.

Conventional wisdom says that many American Jews fear Republican pro-Zionist Christians as a fake ally in disguise whose real motivation is mass conversion of Jews at some future “come-to-Jesus” time point. Consider the alliance of radical Black Lives Matter with the violent BDS/Students for Justice in Palestine: Both are openly anti-Semitic and harass Jewish college students. The Radical Left constitutes the current grassroots of the Democrat party and is its future. This unholy cadre includes Code Pink, ANSWER, SJP,, Students for a Democratic Society, Legalization for All Network, and dozens more that openly promote the delegitimization of Israel and label Zionists as racists, usurpers and murderers. Chuck Schumer and Diane Feinstein haul millions of Jewish Democrat dollars into a party that nurtures this growing anti-Semitic poison much akin to Rosemary’s baby. Obama and his Jewish Democrat quislings delivered an insulting blow to AIPAC by taking our money, only to turn their backs when it mattered and voted for the Iran Deal.

The answer lies in a 2013 Pew Research poll that states that only 40 percent of American Jews believe that G-d gave the Land of Israel to the Jews, while 82 percent of white evangelicals believe so, and even 54 percent of black Protestants do. What is the matter with so many American Jews and their lack of fealty to their own religion and history?

The answer is that the corrupting socialist justice movement which has entranced a majority of American Jews into thinking that godless universal secularism and global suffrage of “oppressed peoples” are somehow Jewish causes. Global “justice” agitators view nationalism as evil and are on a direct collision course with Zionism, our rightful and deserved nationalist Jewish movement that rebirthed Israel after millennia of our people’s torture and death.

The newly freed Israelites were egged on by the trouble-making Erev Rav, rejected G-d and created a manmade idol to worship and replace G-d, even after the massive miracles of the Exodus and the Red Sea crossing. So too, in our time, we must reject the foreign idol of the Erev Rav, “global justice,” and return back to G-d and embrace His miracle in our time, the rebirth of Israel as the enormous first step of Jewish reunification toward the time of Moshiach.

We must demonstrate our love for G-d and His gift, the Land of Israel, as commanded in His Torah, for us to inherit it, though we must fight for it like Joshua, if we are to possess it. We must reinvigorate Zionism, and fight and defend our birthright, otherwise when the wheels come off the cart for American Jews one day, many of us will wake up to the ugly reality that faced assimilated German Jews in the 1930s – a repudiation by the society they tried so hard to embrace. For now, and nothing lasts forever, the best friend of the fruit of Zionism, the State of Israel, is the evangelically based Christian Zionist Republican party of Donald Trump, and Jews would be wise to embrace such a friend of the Jewish people. As we Jews know, good friends are hard to come by.

Matthew E. Karlovsky, M.D., is the Arizona chapter director for Americans For a Safe Israel.

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New American

Matthew, while your views are very understandable, you are not an Israeli. You are an American. If you are so vitally concerned that Israel comes first at all times when it comes to America, even before all other internal American issues, you should really be an Israeli Citizen and live there. Unfortunately you probably have properly deduced that the great American wealth and economy, saved and preserved, by many Democratic presidents from the mishandling of the most Republican Presidents-lets you live a much better life than Israelis. Please save your opinions for Israeli Newspapers.

Israel Lover

To "New American":
1. I'm thoroughly impressed with your desire to remain anonymous with your post. It shows what real beitzim you don't have.
2. I never claim to be an Israeli nor am I calling for mass Aliyah of American Jews to Israel. One day with Moshiah that will come. Ergo, you made an invalid point.
3. I am vitally concerned a Jew in America since the Jewish nation is one and in modern times we have the rebirth of Israel as the Jewish homeland. The political winds have shifted for the pro-Israe community over the last 3 elections. Clearly this makes you upset but it wasn't my fault Obama rammed through the Iran Deal. Facts are uncomfortable.
4. Obviously with your cheap shot about attacking Republicans on the economy- a subject not even in my article, it is clear that your too-thinned skin Democrat identity is so badly damaged by the election that you are somehow angry at me. My suggestion is you get some play doh and sing some Ramah camp songs.

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