Chairing the Jewish Federation of Greater Phoenix’s campaign reminds me daily of the mitzvot that our donors do by allowing our Jewish family around the world to be strong, resilient and independent. I see this in our teens, young adults and seniors here in Phoenix, Paris and Israel. 

It is through Federation that we make an impact, see our community grow and reach out to those in need. The future of the Jewish people rests on our shoulders and how we respond to those in need, no matter where they live. Our Federation’s campaign touches more lives around the globe than any other organization. The collective efforts of the Federation system has tirelessly proven that we can mobilize and assist our family whether they are in the Ukraine, south of Israel or Paris suburbs. 

The Federation serves as a resource to the community by maximizing the impact of the dollars raised and by supporting organizations that make a difference in our community every day. We enable change, promote innovation and collaboration, provide emotional and financial support, connect Jews to their identity and help our fellow community members in times of joy, struggle and hardships.

We believe that every Jewish senior has the right to live with dignity, that there should be vibrant Jewish life in Phoenix and that all Jews should be able to live, anywhere in the world, without fear of persecution. We believe we have a responsibility to one another and to all mankind. We believe in our power to make a difference. And we believe that together we can make our world a better place. This cannot be done without the support of our community here in Phoenix. 

Because of my Federation involvement, I had an opportunity to be part of the global leadership that visited Paris, France this summer to call attention to the growing anti-Semitism in Europe. After visiting the Jewish day schools and observing the security measures that are taken to protect the Jewish institutions in Paris, an older Parisian lady pulled me aside to say thanks. 

She reminded me that there wasn’t an effective worldwide Jewish community when the Nazis marched into Paris in 1940 and was thankful that 200 worldwide Jewish community leaders came to visit Paris to show our solidarity. Your campaign dollars are making a difference in fighting this anti-Semitism. 

One unfortunate thing I have seen too often is people needing more services than we can financially provide. There are more seniors who would like to participate in our senior rides program in Phoenix and Holocaust survivors living with limited means in Israel. Will our community say no to those children wanting a Jewish education or college teens who want to attend a college campus free of anti-Semitism?   

I hope our community will answer the call for continued help and recognize we are all responsible for each other and will continue to take care of our worldwide family. Please consider how you can make a difference for the global community.  

Let us help to continue to touch more lives around the world as we look to protect and preserve our worldwide family. Our humanitarian mission is only effective with your support. 

If you haven’t made a gift to the Federation, please consider do so today, 480-634-4900 or

David Weiner is the Jewish Federation of Greater Phoenix’s 2016 campaign chair.


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