When examining the allocations made by the Jewish Federation of Greater Phoenix to Jewish causes, the year-over-year numbers matter as a gauge of how our Jewish community is doing. So let’s look category by category at 2016 allocations compared with 2015 allocations: 

• Organizational Partners: The total was $1,082,800, unchanged from last year. (The line-by-line allocations in that category were reported in “Federation allocates $2.17M,” Jewish News, April 15).

• School Partners: $144,460 this year, down from $157,085 last year. The total of $119,460 given to the Valley’s Jewish day schools (based on the funding formula of $165 per student) is up from last year’s $107,085 as a result of increased enrollment, and the federation funded that commitment fully. The decrease came in assistance provided to Pardes Jewish Day School for its move to the Ina Levine Jewish Community Campus. In 2015, Pardes received a $50,000 subsidy. This year, it decreased to $25,000, because its enrollment grew above a threshold of 290 students, to 306 students.

• Israel/Overseas: $490,000 this year, up from $470,000 last year. The $20,000 increase was evenly split between Jewish Agency for Israel and the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, $185,000 each. They had been funded at $175,000 each in 2015, although a lower figure ($162,700) was announced last April. A $120,000 allocation to Jewish Federations of North America was unchanged year-over-year.

• Core Impact Areas: $361,600, up from $180,000 in 2015, was allocated to programs in the three core impact categories. The size of the increase is largely due to a reclassification of funding for the federation’s NowGen program. Its 2015 allocation was included under “Federation programs” (called “Other Programs” this year). 

Seniors – $120,500, up from $65,000 in 2015, primarily because of a new allocation of $58,000 to a budding senior transportation program initiated by the Freidel Family Foundation earlier this year and $6,000 to a new program called Wise Aging that will be housed at the Bureau of Jewish Education. The Senior Concierge was funded at $38,000 this year, down from $50,000 in 2015, while Smile on Seniors received $13,500, up from $10,000 last year, and religious services at Kivel Campus of Care was funded at $5,000, unchanged from 2015. 

Israel Advocacy – $50,000, down from $60,000 last year. The Israel Advocacy program through Hillel and Jewish Arizonans on Campus at Arizona State University was funded at $50,000 in both years. BBYO’s Speak Up for Israel program was funded last year at $10,000. It was not funded this year.

NowGen – $191,100, up from $55,600 in the previous year. The increase here is not as big as it appears. A $145,000 allocation to the federation’s own NowGen program was transferred to this funding category this year. Also new to this category this year is a NowGen Fund instituted at Jewish Free Loan, which received a $10,000 allocation; and Swift Youth Foundation, which received $500. Allocations to the programs that were funded in this category in both years remain unchanged from 2015, with the Jewish Genetics Diseases Center receiving $5,600 for its screening program; the Friendship Circle’s Young Adult Circle, $5,000; and Moishe House Phoenix, $25,000. Not funded in 2016 are the Big Tent Judaism training, which received $10,000 in 2015; and trip follow-up for Honeymoon Israel, which received $10,000 in 2015. A footnote on the allocations spreadsheet indicates that Honeymoon Israel did not submit a funding request this year.

• Other Programs: $61,125, down from last year. In 2015, this category was listed as Federation Programs, and it was funded at $267,570, but that included $124,570 allocated to the NowGen Federation program. Still, even with the NowGen allocation removed, this particularly category was down substantially. PJ Library, which was funded at $38,000 last year was not funded this year with a notation in the spreadsheet that the program was transferred to Valley Beit Midrash. The Israel Center was funded at $51,125 this year, down from $85,000 last year. The federation also allocated $10,000 for its Sponsorship Fund, down from $20,000 last year. 

• NowGen Giving Circle: This is a first-time inclusion. Giving by circle members, supplemented by federation funding, totaled $31,500, of which $18,500 went to local causes and $13,000 to national and overseas programs. 

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