Rebecca Rachlin & Daniel Szew

Rebecca Rachlin and Daniel Szew of Los Angeles were married Nov. 6, 2004, at the Phoenician in Scottsdale.

Parents of the couple are Ann and Elliot Rachlin of Scottsdale; and Celia and Yossi Szew of Pacific Palisades, Calif.

Principal attendants were Adena Adler and David Greene. Other attendants were Kasia Czerski, Jennifer Leach, Melanie Knall, Jennifer LaDuke, Sophie Szew, Peter Schecter, Jonathan Hamrell, Emerson Vidor, Mike Kirschenbaum, Patrick Woods, Bryon Wait, James Starr, Ron Rachlin, Gabriel Dulman, Leonardo Szew, Fernando Szew, Aidan Szew and Anakin Szew.

After a honeymoon in Tahiti, the couple is at home in Los Angeles.

Jessica Small & Gregory Powers

Jessica Small and Gregory Powers were married Oct. 30, 2004, at the Doubletree Paradise Valley Resort in Scottsdale.

Parents of the couple are Joanie and Chuck Small of Scottsdale; Vicki Robbins and Rex Powers, both of Indianapolis.

Prinicipal attendants were Cara Snyder and Brian Powers. Other attendants include Lisa Schoenfelder, Brannan Steele, Erica Landusco, Pamela Baker, Toni Lambert, Allison Powell, Alisa Maltby, Gabrielle Rodriguez-Small, Jeremy Small, Andy Berg, Eli Salatich, Jason Sternberg, Benjamin Grindel, Christopher Flaten, Warren Miller and Charles Pokorski.

After a honeymoon in Jamaica, the couple is residing in Phoenix.

Michelle Rosenthal & Justin Thompson

Michelle Rosenthal and Justin Thompson were married Nov. 7, 2004, in Tempe.

Parents of the couple are Sandy and Gene Glass of Scottsdale; Larry Rosenthal of Glendale; and Cherylann and John Thompson of Eagar.

After a honeymoon in Ireland, the couple returned to their residence in Heber.

Melissa Cucher & David M. Kessler

Melissa Cucher and David M. Kessler of New York were married July 4, 2004 in Scottsdale.

Parents of the couple are Linda and Dr. Fred Cucher of Paradise Valley; and Sheila and Harry Kessler of Pikesville, Md.

Principal attendants were Kim Ross and Jeffrey Kessler.

Andrea Sayers & Kyle Rosenthal

Andrea Sayers and Kyle Rosenthal of San Francisco were married April 3, 2004, in Tempe.

Parents of the couple are Kathy Sayers of Mineral, Va.; Sandy and Gene Glass of Scottsdale; and Larry Rosenthal of Glendale.

After a honeymoon in Hawaii, the couple is at home in San Francisco.

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