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'Making Peace' on public TV

Posted: Friday, January 17, 1997 12:00 am

A four-part documentary series celebrating the work of extraordinary people working to reclaim their neighborhoods and heal conditions that create racism, violence and hopelessness begins next week on PBS.

The first program in the "Making Peace," series from the Independent Television Service, "Soul Survivors," will air at midnight on Saturday, Jan. 25, on KAET-TV Channel 8. "Soul Survivors" focuses on Clementine Barfield, who created the support group Save Our Sons and Daughters after her son was murdered, and Luis Rodriguez, a former gang member who founded Youth Struggling for Survival.

"Healing the Family," the second program, focuses on Pam Butler, a woman who was almost killed by her abusive husband and now devotes herself to helping other victims of domestic violence, and Delores Sheen Plunt, co-founder of a community school in Watts.

"Rebuilding Our Communities," part three, profiles a Chicago couple who founded a group to reclaim vacant lots and abandoned buildings on the city's South side, and the founder of an Afrocentric rites of passage program in Ohio.

Part four, "Facing Racism," tells the story of five people from different ethnic backgrounds who learn through a seminar to communicate and understand each other.