Teens on the Youth Philanthropy Board of the Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Phoenix have granted nearly $9,000 to organizations that work to break the cycle of poverty.

Each year, the board, made up of high school students, selects a type of need to address. This year, the teens chose to emphasize organizations that address the root causes of poverty, both locally and in Israel.

Here are the organizations that received the grants, which totaled $8,992:

Ethiopian National Project ($1,166): The grant is for the Scholastic Assistance Program, which provides support for middle and high school students in an after-school program for Ethiopian Jewish immigrant children in the low-income community of Be’er Sheva, Israel.

Meir Panim ($1,000): The grant provides funds to the TikvaHope Ben Gurion Neighborhood Youth Club to create an after-school enrichment program within a converted bomb shelter serving children from socioeconomically disadvantaged homes in Sderot.

Circle the City ($3,000): This grant is for general operating support for this non-denominational organization that provides healthcare, shelter and counseling service to homeless individuals in Phoenix. The organization’s goal is to move people from crisis to stability.

Family Promise ($2,826): This grant provides general operating support for this organization that provides a safe shelter, food, case management, counseling, education, life-skills training, employment support, housing assistance and on-going enrichment programs with the goal of helping each family become self-sustaining. The organization houses families in local synagogues and churches.

Maggie’s Place ($1,000): Funding will go toward the Workforce Readiness & Empowerment Program, which serves pregnant and parenting mothers by helping them attain educational and professional goals that culminate in family financial stability.

For more information about the youth philanthropy board, visit

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