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“Health Futures” host Bob Roth, right, chats with Dr. Ed Perrin during a recent show. 

Photo courtesy of Bob Roth


As co-founder and managing partner of Cypress Home Care, Bob Roth dedicates a lot of his time to the cares and concerns of the elderly, but in fact, his interest in the subject of health is much broader than that.    

This advocacy for healthy living is on display during each episode of Roth’s new radio show, “Health Futures,” which airs noon-1 p.m. each Friday on Money Radio, KFNN, 99.3 FM and 1510 AM. 

Roth has no background in broadcasting, but he says, “The show came about because I’ve had people tell me before that I have a lot of connections in our community that could be incredibly resourceful to others.”

He pitched the idea of a radio show devoted to health topics to Ron Cohen of KFNN and the rest is history.

“Our goal is really to talk about the real challenges and solutions in health care,” Roth says. “A lot of things people aren’t talking about, we’re going to be talking about.”

Roth says that getting people to attend health-related events is a struggle, but the hour-long format at a time of the day when people are often in their cars driving to and from lunch is a good way to deliver information.

“You can do it in small chunks,” he says.

The first show, which aired on Jan. 17, featured Bill Straus, who recently retired after 13 years of serving as the director of the Arizona Region of the Anti-Defamation League, interviewing Roth. (Before working for the ADL, Straus hosted a radio talk show for nearly a decade.) 

“He got a chance to really turn the tables on me and interview me,” Roth says, “because I wanted to be able to justify why I am in a good position to host this show and be able to bring these real issues and challenges that people are thinking about or dealing with to light.”

Roth’s other guests to date include Maryglenn Boals, president of MgBoals & Associates, LLC, talking about elder-care issues and financial planning; Dr. Marwan Sabbagh, director of Banner Sun Health Research; Dr. Pierre Tariot, director of the Banner Alzheimer’s Institute; geriatric physician Dr. Ed Perrin of Banner iCare; Tom Chenal from the Arizona Attorney General’s Office talking about elder abuse; and Dr. Ed Staren, president and CEO of Cancer Treatment Centers of America.

Roth’s guest for the March 7 show will be orthopedic surgeon Dr. David Bailie, who will discuss men’s health issues, among other topics.

Roth is responsible for booking his own guests. To prepare for the show, he starts by requesting a bio from the guest.

Next, “I do some research on the area or the institution that they’re in so I can understand what they’re working on and what they’re doing. Typically, I’ll have about five to 10 questions that clarify the services that they do provide, things that they’re working on,” he says.

After seven episodes, Roth says, “We’re still young, but I think we’re gaining traction. I think I’m getting better. I was a little nervous when I first got on the air.”

Listener response is good, Roth says, and “Health Futures” fills an underserved niche in the radio market.

“There really isn’t anything else out there that is dedicated to the medical and health-care field, the latest news and opportunities that are affecting our community. ... I do want to be able to build a following, I want to be able to give useful information.”

Going forth, Roth is looking at the possibility of syndicating the show later in the year, as well as continuing to find interesting guests to keep “Health Futures” relevant and useful to its audience.

“It’s about anything relating to health,” he says, “anything relative to living a better and higher-quality life.”

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