Living wills, advanced directives are important for adults of all ages - Wellness

Living wills, advanced directives are important for adults of all ages

RACHEL BEHRENDT | Special to Jewish News | Posted: Wednesday, March 22, 2017 11:17 am

It’s been quite a month. A coworker was in a car accident and spent days in the ICU, a family member was in a serious trauma and spent weeks in the hospital, and I caught the flu and ended up with a bronchitis that lasted five weeks and made me appreciate how I take breathing for granted. In each of these situations, the person in question was in the prime of life; all three of us had a reasonable expectation of a long life ahead. And yet, with each, it could have ended differently.

My family member was unable to make decisions for himself in the early days of his hospitalization, leaving his wife to navigate the course and make decisions she hoped would be those he would make for himself. Many of the middle-aged people I talked to following his recovery indicate they don’t like to think about how quickly life can change, let alone what decisions might need to be made on their behalf if an unexpected accident or injury occurred.

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