Aging today: Playlists in the key of life - Wellness

Aging today: Playlists in the key of life

Posted: Wednesday, May 3, 2017 7:27 am

“Miracles” by Jefferson Starship, “Beautiful Day” by U2 and “Promised Land” by the Boss (Bruce Springsteen) are just three of the songs on my “Favorite Songs of All Time” playlist. I started making this playlist after seeing the 2014 documentary, “Alive Inside.” The film details the healing power of music by following the journey of social worker Dan Cohen as he delivered pre-loaded iPods with personalized music to nursing home residents.

The transformation that Cohen witnessed was extraordinary. The residents who normally sat silently in a chair all day in a catatonic state suddenly became animated and started to sing. Men and women claiming to have no memories at all, began recalling their past. As cognition took over, in that moment the nursing home residents were no longer empty shells. Their blank stares were replaced with sparkling eyes filled with emotion.

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