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A Valentine vow for elderly loved ones

Posted: Wednesday, February 8, 2017 10:01 am

Is it me or do you also feel like Valentine’s Day is officially on steroids? Back in the day, flowers or candy for your sweetheart and you were done. The good news is that this day is not exclusively for lovers any more. I’m quite pleased with the evolution – another Hallmark holiday to pause and appreciate our loved ones. Awash in pink and red and covered with hearts, Feb. 14 is bigger, but it could get better. How? I’d like to ask cupid to readjust his aim. Let’s TBT (turn back time) on Valentine’s Day to celebrate our elderly loved ones.

The most common expression of love for our aging loved ones is our concern for their safety and wellbeing. There is no greater way to honor and protect the previous generations than by embracing this role reversal with fervor. Humor helps and I’m about to get absolutely giddy this Valentine’s Day, drawing on my inspiration, the classic candy conversation heart.

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