Creating a kosher kitchen just in time for High Holidays - Food

Creating a kosher kitchen just in time for High Holidays

Graham Paul | Special to the Jewish News | Posted: Wednesday, August 23, 2017 10:56 am

In today’s world, keeping kosher and maintaining a kosher kitchen can be quite a challenge. That’s partly because our relationship with food has become increasingly complex through generations. We now have access to more sources of food than ever before, and more technology and tools to cook that food. Ingredients come from all over the world — a simple plate of lasagna might have meat from South America, tomatoes from California and spices from Southeast Asia. The diversity of options can be dizzying.

Add to that the dietary and environmental strictures surrounding kosher practice, and many Jewish people — especially younger Jews who did not grow up keeping kosher — decide they’re simply not prepared to maintain the kosher tradition.

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