Eleven boys from Phoenix attended the annual Midwest Pirchei Siyum Mishnayos in Detroit Feb. 24-26.

A group of boys from Phoenix attended the annual Midwest Pirchei Siyum Mishnayos in Detroit Feb. 24-26. The trip was organized by Pirchei of Phoenix, a program of the Phoenix Community Kollel and was a prize for all of the boys who had participated in a contest where they studied together over 1,500 Mishnayos.

Eleven boys from the Phoenix Hebrew Academy and Torah Day School of Phoenix, together with Rabbi Viggy Lauer from TDSP and Rabbi Yonah Wohlgelernter from Yeshiva High School of Arizona, flew to Detroit to join one of the largest gatherings of Jewish boys in grades 6-8 in the country. They joined together with close to 500 boys from 17 cities all across the country, including groups from Miami, Denver, Atlanta and Norfolk, Virginia, for a weekend of fun and inspiration, according to Wohlgelernter.

The boys were treated to world-class speakers and storytellers, including words of Torah and blessings from the roshei yeshiva (deans) of the famed Detroit Yeshiva. They also enjoyed a trip to an entertainment center which featured laser tag, rock climbing, miniature golf, basketball, and an indoor ropes course. The weekend concluded with the “Grand Siyum” (“Grand Completion”) event on Saturday night, where many boys, including two of the boys from Phoenix, celebrated the completion of an entire section of the Mishna. Some of the boys even got to see snow falling for the first time in their lives.

This was the first year that the Valley of the Sun was represented at the Pirchei Siyum Mishnayos, and due to the significant impression it left on the participants, Pirchei of Phoenix hopes to make it an annual event. This trip was made possible by a generous donation to the Kollel by Dr. Nachman and Mrs. Roizy Ullman.

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