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Christi Christiaens, clinical nutritionist and personal trainer at The J, will lead tours of Whole Foods to promote healthy eating. Photo Courtesy of the Valley of the Sun JCC

The Valley of the Sun JCC (The J) and Whole Foods are teaming up to offer free nutritional shopping tours to help educate people about the benefits of eating organic and whole foods.

The tours will be led by Christi Christiaens, a clinical nutritionist and personal trainer at The J. Christiaens is certified in nutritional counseling, metabolic typing, functional diagnostic nutrition and personal training.

“Eating healthy starts with good choices in the grocery store,” Christiaens said. “The closer to the source and the less processing done to the food, the healthier it is. Whole Foods carries a variety of food choices that are not or minimally processed and are better for you and your family. The goal of this tour is to show you the advantages of selecting whole organic foods over your current conventional market.”

On the tours, Christiaens will explain how to select the best food from each department and the health benefits of various foods, sweeteners, herbs, supplements and more.

“We are pleased to partner with Whole Foods. Their commitment to holistic health blends well with The J’s mission to strengthen bodies and minds,” said Jay Jacobs, CEO of The J. “We’re proud The J can bring this program to the community and to provide an array of fitness, learning and socializing programs to benefit all ages.”

The first tour is at 4 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 24. Space is limited and reservations are required. Visit for more info. JN

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