Valley cardiologist uses Israeli military technology to save lives - Community

Valley cardiologist uses Israeli military technology to save lives

MICHAL WILDER | Special to Jewish News | Posted: Wednesday, August 17, 2016 10:00 am

Dr. Mark Seifert, cardiologist and director of electrophysiology at Honor Health John C. Lincoln and Deer Valley Medical Centers, has understood the consequences of excess radiation exposure since childhood. He inherited this inclination from his father, who would only allow his children to get X-rays at the dentist every second year.

“We all learned about Madame Curie discovering radium; I learned about Madame Curie dying of leukemia,” Seifert says with a chuckle. Because of his lifelong awareness of the effects of radiation, Seifert has always been an advocate in his field for reducing fluoroscopy, the form of live and continuous X-ray “movies” traditionally employed during cardiac catheterization procedures. He explains that there is no “safe amount” of ionized radiation; it accumulates in one’s body over a lifetime and can cause damage to the DNA, virtually untreatable skin burns and cancer.   

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