This is in reply to the two students who ask Sens. McCain and Flake to defeat President Trump’s nomination of David Friedman as ambassador to Israel (“An open letter to senators re: David Friedman,” Jewish News, Feb. 17). They are ignoring salient facts in their presentation.

Both the Palestinian Authority and Hamas have made clear their hatred of Jews and their desire to delete Israel from the face of the earth. They want Israel to retreat to the 1948 armistice lines, which will make its destruction much easier and will deprive Israel of its heart in Jerusalem. Only then will they “negotiate.” Palestinian leaders have consistently rejected the two-state solution that Israel has offered a number of times. What they want is a one-state solution, that state being devoid of Jews.

Arab Palestinian demands should not be the start of negotiations. The starting points should be as follows: Will there be a two-state solution and if so, what will be the nature of the Palestinian state? Will Jews be allowed to live in whatever territory the PA or Hamas control since Arabs live in Israel? (Israel allows Arab communities why shouldn’t the PA and Hamas allow Jewish communities?) Will Jews be allowed access to their holy places? How will Jews be treated and will the names of public streets and squares continue to honor murderers and terrorists? Will Palestinian children continue to be taught that their highest aim should be to kill Jews?

These are just some of the issues to be resolved.

President Trump has put all this on the table for negotiation between the parties and David Friedman will encourage this negotiation. He’s the right man for the job.

Sandor and Bunny Shuch


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First and foremost our President seeks to win his stated goals. Peace between Israel and a fractured Palestinian state, increasingly supported by an increasingly hostile United Nations majority. This has been a losing effort since 1967 opened a greater Israel sans the almost indefensible 1948 borders.
Yet so much has transpired including ISIS, the Iran deal allowing surrogate Hezbollah, Hamas reinforcement, explosive Syria up to the Golan Heights with Russia creating an increasingly chaotic challenge. So even though oil has been displaced as the commanding ingredient in the mix, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States have actually with Egypt and Jordan become frenemies of Israel.
Thus, with a savvy Secretary of State, Trump shifts to a highly charged settlement issue that is not really existential to Israeli survival but a powerful negotiating gambit to more realistically open a new negotiating stance toward his "impossible dream".. No Don Quitay, he. As President he deserves a right to pick his own representative with son-in-law Jerold driving the new policy supported by Saudi Arabia and Sissi of Egypt that Bibi just discussed with Trump to have Palestine in Sinai and Gaza leaving West Bank for Israel. Not a pipe dream but funded by Saudis in a new coalition on Sunnis against Iran.
P.S. I am so proud of Dr. Sari Roth Roemer and her leadership Board effort and am donating $500 in her honor to Hillel.

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