The idea that “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” is behind the new Facebook group, Arizona Jewish Freebay, started earlier this month by Dina Bacharach of the Phoenix Community Kollel. 

“The idea is to share things within the Jewish community that you no longer need but will be helpful to someone else,” she wrote in an email to Jewish News. “It is a convenient, quick, safe, easy way to spread kindness and build [a] community feeling.”

For example, when children grow out of toys, another family may be just starting that stage, she said. It can also be used to help people start Jewish libraries or pass along leftovers from yard sales. This can include furniture, toys, books, clothing and household items. There are similar groups in Cleveland, with nearly 2,000 members, and Portland, with about 140 members. 

At press time, the Arizona group had about 150 members. It is a closed group, for which people have to request permission to join. The only requirement is that one is Jewish and lives in Arizona or is planning to move to Arizona. 

“We are hoping the group will take a life on (of) its own and really become a resource of kindness and a go-to place to spread sharing and caring with others in our Jewish community,” Bacharach wrote. 

Bacharach also started another Facebook group earlier this year, called Arizona Jewish Moms, which at press time had 275 members. Members are encouraged to share children’s activities, bargains, tips, crafts and outings that Arizona Jewish moms would enjoy.


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