We are increasingly receiving requests to have articles and/or photos that accompany articles removed from our website so that article subjects do not show up in search engine results. Sometimes these requests are due to professional concerns; other times, they are a result of life changes. While we sympathize with the desire to have a smaller digital footprint, we do not generally grant takedown requests. The Jewish News is a newspaper and part of the public, historical record. As such, we keep our editorial policies consistent with those of other major newspapers in the U.S., and with journalistic standards. 

There are two situations in which a take-down request will be considered.

1. If a subject contends that our coverage has been inaccurate, we will investigate and correct the error in the piece. This, however, usually results in an amended item rather than a full removal of the article in question.

2. If a subject contends there is a threat of physical injury or death as a result of the availability of the material online, we will investigate. In one recent case, this resulted in the temporary removal of an article.

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