Swastika flyer

Reports came in over the weekend of anti-Semitic flyers appearing on Arizona State University’s campus.

“The ASU Police Department is aware of the flier that was discovered by an ASU student Friday,” a university spokesman said in a statement. “Ensuring the safety and security of our students is our top priority, and the university undertakes extensive efforts to ensure student safety is not compromised. ASU is a place where open debate can thrive and honest disagreements can be explored, but not when hateful rhetoric is used. That is not who we are.”

Carlos Galindo-Elvira, regional director for the Anti-Defamation League of Arizona, confirmed that the ADL is looking further into the matter. “We are very concerned by the placing of fliers on the ASU campus with a swastika over the weekend. Use of this hate symbol is not normal. We condemn its use to promote hate and divisiveness. We are in contact with law enforcement to find out more.”

ASU’s Hillel Jewish Student Center and Rohr Chabad at ASU are also assisting the university and law enforcement with the investigation.

ASU President Dr. Michael Crow condemned the flyers’ message and the persons behind it. “Sometimes ASU, like other universities, has experienced upsetting notes, often from people unaffiliated with ASU, being directed at our community. At ASU, we see them for what they are: The rantings of unhinged hate-mongers bent on disrupting the lives of people who are moving forward into a future that these Cro-Magnons fear. We have removed the messages and have moved on about our business.”

Hillel sought to provide emotional comfort to students who were disturbed by the flyers while reminding the community of its strength. “We are deeply concerned about the recent anti-Semitic fliers posted around campus, some depicting references to the Holocaust. The fliers trivialize one of the darkest periods in history in which more than six million Jews were killed. Like you, we believe this message has no place on our campus. We are proud to work with you to make Jewish life on campus stronger every day, and an isolated incident such as this one will not deter us.”

Hillel also took to social media and encouraged students to message requests for support, as well as sharing more methods of contact for reporting future anti-Semitic incidents. JN

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