Candidate guided by tikkun olam - Profile

Candidate guided by tikkun olam

MARILYN HAWKES | Staff Writer | Posted: Wednesday, October 8, 2014 10:00 am

After a long career in public policy, Flagstaff resident Lanny Morrison decided to run for the Arizona House of Representatives in LD-6. A couple of events preceded his decision. “When the current incumbent in our legislative district, Rep. Brenda Barton, referred to President Obama as ‘the fuhrer’ ... and also referred to the national park rangers as ‘thugs’ in a Facebook posting after the shutdown of the national parks and other services, I was offended by this and it caused me to pay more close attention to what was going on.”

The final straw for Morrison was when SB1062, “the so-called religious freedom bill,” was introduced and moved with lightning speed through the Arizona legislature, but “fortunately” was vetoed by the governor. “It would have legalized discrimination based on a personally held religious belief. I saw that kind of discrimination as a child and I refuse to go back to those days.”

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